Do I need to book in advance?

Yes - all classes must be booked online in advance at www.happity.co.uk/musical-mayhem-uk You can pay per session or per term.

Is my new baby too young to come to Musical Mayhem?

Our classes are very informal, relaxed and inclusive to all families with babies & toddlers from birth. Although babies don't seem to be doing very much in the early weeks, they are absorbing lots and it's great to interact by singing together right from the start. It also gets you out the house and meeting friends.

Is my child too old for Musical Mayhem?

Our repertoire of children's songs works very well with children from babies right up to Year 1. Often the grown-ups enjoy the music even more than the children! If you like singing, dancing, trying different instruments & playing with silly props, you are not too old for Musical Mayhem.

My child is quite shy and doesn't like big groups - which class would you recommend?

Some of our classes can get quite busy and others are much quieter and calmer. Generally the early classes tend to be our busiest ones and the late morning classes are smaller groups. Please contact us for more advice on this at info@musicalmayhemuk.co.uk

Can I leave my child at Musical Mayhem?

No, we do not provide a childcare facility - your children are your responsibility.

Can we chat during the music?

No, no, no! Give your child your full & undivided attention during the session then everybody gets the most out of the class.

Is Musical Mayhem available for private bookings?

We are no longer taking weekend party bookings during term time but we are available in school holidays and weekdays. Please email us at info@musicalmayhemuk.co.uk to check our availability.